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User Industries :
Pharmaceutical :Manufacturing of chemical substances for use in manufacturing drugs, commonly called APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) often involves the use of highly corrosive substances. PTFE lined and HDPE lined pipes are used to convey such substances as they are FDA approved and is easily cleanable.Uni Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd. supplies Piping and equipments to all the main Pharmaceutical companies in the India.
Crop Science :The production of biocides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticide involves the use of highly corrosive chemicals, Uni Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd. has supplied large amounts of PTFE lined and HDPE lined piping and valves to these manufacturers.
Water Treatment :Chemicals such as Chlorine and Sodium hypochlorite are extensively used in water treatment plants. Whilst these are diluted significantly with the water, the pure chemical holding and injection / mixing lines are subject to corrosion. Our range of CS HDPE lined, CS PP lined Pipes is supplied for these applications. 
Chemical Manufacturing :Many chemical manufacturers use Uni Polymers lined Piping Products at their facilities. Feed stock chemicals such as, sulphuric acid, nitric acid etc are all corrosive and require the use of corrosion resistant piping. 
Cleaning and Detergent Products :Chemicals used in cleaners and detergents are manufactured from very corrosive and toxic compounds. Our CS HDPE lined piping has replaced many bare polypropylene and other thermoplastic piping systems which have prematurely failed on these applications. 
Cleaning and Detergent Products :Uni Polymers (India) Pvt. Ltd. can help with the design and specification of components required in the manufacture of process skid units, process packages etc. utilizing PTFE and PFA lined products. Our piping and valves are often used around specialist components such as filter assemblies, dryers, scrubbers etc. 
Power Stations :Fossil fuelled power stations can suffer a variety of corrosion issues for e.g. the steam and cooling water require treatments which can corrode steel piping and valves. By using CS HDPE lined pipes and valves on these applications prevents the corrosion of the equipment.


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