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Diaphragm Valves // PP Lined Diaphragm Valve

Heavy-duty Body of lined ball valves can withstand varied pressure fluctuations with ease. Appreciated for superb flow control properties, the lined ball valves are quite economical for long run. Our valves come with exchangeable PTFE seat rings and find application in crop science and power pesticides, among other areas. Some features of these are given below: 

  • Ball Stem is sealed by a PTFE V-ring packing 
  • Connection as per DIN and ISO 5211 
  • Face-to-face dimensions according to ANSI 
Material Of Construction
  • Body : Cast iron or spheroidal graphite iron or cast carbon steel 

  • Lining : PTFE, PFA, FEP, PVDF, PP and HDPE 
  • Ball : PFA, PP and HDPE encapsulated carbon steel 
  • Manual handle 
  • Pneumatic actuators 
  • Electric actuators 
Application areas
  • Chemical 

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Water treatments 
  • Dyes and intermediates.



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